Paintball and Airsoft technician tips

Paintball and Airsoft Tech’s Corner

Our Impact Proshop offers you a complete service, with qualified technicians for the repair and maintenance of your paintball and airsoft equipment. Our technicians have many years of experience and training in the field of paintball and airsoft. They also have experience in the field of electromechanic, pneumatics and electronics, allowing them to offer you a quick and accurate diagnosis, during your visits to the shop.

Whatever problem you may have with your paintball and airsoft equipment, whether you are at Paintball Mirabel during a game, preparing for a major speedball / milsim / recball tournament / major airsoft events or simply need a tune up on your equipment because you are planning on visiting another paintball or airsoft centre, our technicians at Impact Proshop will quickly resolve the situation.

Our team is trained by technicians from each of the companies that display their products in our proshop. We also receive regular update training programs, to be able to offer the best tech service possible to our clientele.


The following products from Tippmann :
Tippmann A-5, Tippmann X7 Phenom, Tippmann Sierra One, Tippmann TIPX, Tippmann Cronus, Tippmann Bravo One, Tippmann TCR, Tippmann 98 Custom, Tippmann Griffin, Tippmann TMC, Tippmann M4 Airsoft rifle

The following products from Dye :
Dye Matrix (DM series, Dye M2 series), Proto Rail, Proto Rail Maxxed, Proto Rail Rize, Proto Rail Rize Maxxed, Dye Dam, Dye Dam CQB

The following products from Eclipse :
Eclipse Etha, Eclipse Etha 2, Eclipse Etek 5, Eclipse Gtek, Eclipse Gtek 160R, Eclipse Geo series, Eclipse Ego series

The following products from Milsig :
Milsig M17 CQC, Milsig M17 PMC, Milsig M17 Paradigm Lite, Milsig M17 Elite

The following products from Maxtact :
Maxtact TGR2 CQB, Maxtact TGR X2 COMMANDO, Maxtact TGR1 ASSAULT, Maxtact TGR2 MK2, Maxtact TGR2 MK2 CQB, Maxtact TGR36C, Maxtact TGR36C RAS

The following products from Empire :
Empire Axe, Empire Axe Pro, Empire Sniper Pump, Empire Mini, Empire Mini GS, Empire Resurrection

The following products from BT :
Bt Omega, Bt Delta, Bt Delta Elite, BT TM15, BT Dfender, BT Combat

The following products from Tiberius :
Tiberius T15, Tiberius T8.1

The following products from GOG, Smart Parts, DLX :
GOG eNMEy, GOG G-1M, Smart Parts Shocker RSX, Luxe Ice

The following products from Kingman :
Kingman Spyder Xtra, Kingman Spyder MR5, Kingman Spyder MR6

The following products from Ninja :
Aluminum compressed air bottle 13/3000 format, Aluminum compressed air bottle 35/3000 format, Aluminum compressed air bottle 48/3000 format, Carbon Fibre compressed air bottle 68/4500 with Pro V2 regulator, Carbon Fibre compressed air bottle 68/4500 with Ultralite regulator, Carbon Fibre compressed air bottle 77/4500 with Pro V2 regulator, Carbon Fibre compressed air bottle 77/4500 with Ultralite regulator, 77/4500, Carbon Fibre compressed air bottle 90/4500 format.