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Tactical gear

Different Passions and Professions

Specializing in the sale of paintball and airsoft products, tactical gear is an important facet of our company. Impact Proshop distinguishes itself from the competition by offering you quality products and the best customer service available. We supply quality equipment while respecting the requirements of your daily profession.

Military, Police, Peace officer or Security guard, our team brings you simple solutions for your tactical gear needs, your work or your daily life, no matter where you are.

Are you more of an outdoors type? No problem, we offer an unlimited list of equipment, perfectly adapted for the defense trades, as well as to outdoor passions such as: camping, fishing, hunting, hiking and much more.

Multi-usage Military Equipment

Military-grade equipment can be useful for regular everyday activities. The quality of equipment is, for most products, much more durable than any other non-military product.

Take military clothing for example, ideal for most outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing and hunting because they are perfectly adapted to this type of environment. Then comes a variety of different accessories that can all be useful, some more than others.

Here is a list of some military accessories that can be useful in your daily life:

These accessories can be useful in several situations of your daily life. For example; the elbow and knee protectors, they can be used for military missions or used by construction workers for their daily tasks, as the same kind of equipment is used. However, non-military products are often much more expensive and are unfortunately not as durable.

The modular vest is an essential asset for fishermen or hunters, wanting to travel with their arsenal on them. As it is modular, you can interchange the pockets according to your needs and preferences.

When it comes to the high-end military-type flashlight, we all know how useful this is when it comes to equipment. However, you should know that this is a miniature version; these lamps illuminate enormously and can be very useful when immediate lighting is needed. Genx and Valken Ballistic glasses can be used when going on a bike ride or simply to protect your eyes from the wind.

The combat boots offered in our shop are ideal for outdoor work and hiking. Moreover, as we select our products based on the primary purpose of playing paintball, the boots we have chosen to distribute are designed to be worn outdoors in “extreme” situations and over long periods of time. They are very durable and comfortable, in addition to offering maximum protection.

Confronting the winter has never been easier

Do not let the frigid temperatures prevent you from going out this season. From insulated jackets to boots, you will be ready to take on winter.

We have selected the best of the best for our clients; in order to keep you warm and well-prepared, for all that the season will have to offer you. Stay warm and dry in the Gen2 Parkas, and our tactical boots designed for snow and icy winter conditions.

Come visit our shop and take advantage of our products made with a superior manufacturing quality. For more information, contact our sales team, they will be able to guide you so that you make a wise choice when choosing your equipment so that it suits your needs.

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