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Some info on how to choose the best paintball guns and how often to maintenance it

Pump paintball guns

pump paintball guns

Playing with pump paintball guns makes better players! The fact is, playing with a pump action marker force players to evaluate in a different way the situations that presents to them because they are restricted in their numbers of balls and the rate of fire is much lower than other types of marker. Attention, don’t think because of this fact it will be easier to play against, they are precise and shoot further than the other type of paintball guns, which make them real paintball sniper rifles (without the look). These markers are real legends in the world of paintball.

Speedball paintball guns

speedball paintball guns

Nothing can be compared to speedball paintball guns when it comes time to talk about performance. These are the most advanced paintball markers in terms of technology. Available in various colors and different designs, these paintball guns are made exclusively for the competition. However, you can still use them in any play style but Milsim due to their non-military and flashy colorful look. Lightweight, powerful and technological are the best words to describe what a speedball gun is.

Cheap paintball guns

cheap paintball guns

You have a restricted budget or you don’t want to spend a lot? Then the entry level paintball guns section is for you. Shop through our inventory of discount paintball guns or simply low priced paintball markers to find what you are looking at the price you want.

Magfed paintball guns

magfed paintball guns

Using magfed paintball guns is very popular in military situations as these markers have the most impressive realism look. Magazine loading pushes the player’s gaming experience even further into total immersion due to the challenge of limited ammo capacity. Pistol paintball guns are the kind of marker usually using a magazine but some paintball rifles allow you to play with mag too. Browse this category if you are looking for an extra bit of realism and challenge.

Milsims paintball guns

milsim paintball guns

Are you an adept or passionate about a military or paramilitary movement no matter which one it is? For military situations or just for a greater realism, nothing better than a Milsim paintball gun. More durable than its counterparts because they were built to cope with various meteorological situations as much as in game situations, they are the ideal choice to go play the war.

Recball paintball guns

recball paintball guns

All markers can be used as recball paintball guns. However, since this is the least competitive branch of the sport of paintball, some markers are better suited to this type of games while others will be more adapted to a somewhat higher level of competition or simulation. Some companies are specialized in recball and make their paintball marker easier to operate with a lower maintenance in needs.

The evolution of the paintball gun industry

It has already been 30 years since the paintball marker was invented. In the early years of paintball, the pioneers of the sport played with a marking device, normally used by the forest rangers to identify the trees that needed to be cut, as well as farmers in order to mark specific cows.

Paintball markers started very simple, they were made with a metal carcass and a rough metal handle and they were equipped with a barrel that used a pump action to shoot the paintballs. At the time the paintballs used were extremely hard, compared to those we have nowadays. Since the sport of paintball has evolved tremendously over the years, several major paintball companies have started to manufacture markers, specifically to practice this sport.

To this day, we have more than 100 companies that produce paintball equipment and that include many different product lines. After your mask, your gun is the most crucial piece of equipment. In addition, most of the time, when there are new releases on different products, they are often for masks or paintball markers.

Founded in 2004, we quickly became Canada’s Pillar for everything paintball! Players looking for a paintball gun, whether you’re a new player looking to acquire your first paintball gun or a veteran looking for some serious firepower, we’re sure you will find what you need in our large inventory. Moreover, there are several factors to consider when choosing your paintball marker. As always, we highly recommend that you know what style you feel comfortable playing in, secondly, how you use your marker and lastly the look you want!

There are several categories of paintball markers with different styles: those that are more realistic for military simulations (Milsim), often used in combination with magfed magazines, or Speedball markers, designed for maximum performance and often used for competition paintball.

Only a small number of players today continue to play with a “pump action” type of gun. The “pump-action” markers feature semi-automatic pump pistols or handguns, sometimes even used as a main weapon, offering an extra challenge in terms of a limited number of paintballs. The important thing is to use the marker of your choice, as long as it is consistent with the game style you wish to play. The rate of fire, the easy maintenance, the unlimited possibilities when accessorizing the marker, the comfort and the compatibility of the parts are just a few of them.

Here is a complete list of popular manufacturers, their products are available at Impact Proshop:

Tippmann Paintball

Tippmann has been manufacturing paintball guns since 1986 and are among the oldest companies in the industry still going strong today. They have always had a reputation for being extremely durable and reliable. From the very beginning, Tippmann became the first choice for many paintball field owners and their players.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, stylish, or more sophisticated marker such as models that are electronic and fully automatic, Tippmann has something to offer with prices ranging from $ 122 to over $ 600 for a fully personalized marker.

Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse began as a small retail store in 1994, called Paintball Planet situated in Manchester, England. Paintball Planet sold equipment and upgrades for existing paintball guns. They’re great outbreak was in 2002, when releasing they’re famous “E-Blade” for the autococker marker. This innovation revolutionized the autococker and launched the development of high performance barrels used for the autococker models.

Planet Eclipse has developed and is still producing some of the most powerful high-performance paintball guns available. Moreover, wide selections of different types of models are available including valves and reel valves. There is not a high-performance paintball marker on the market as reliable as Planet Eclipse.

BT paintball

BT Paintball (Battle tested), is the division of Empire Paintball that manufactures paintball markers and equipment made for Milsim Paintball (Military simulation paintball). They are considered by players, to be the best equipment for milsim scenarios. With their featured markers such as the Combat BT-4 and the TM marker series, BT always prioritizes the Milsim player’s needs above all.

With a large assortment of different accessories for paintball guns, you can get exactly what suits your style as a Milsim paintball player. If you want a robust paintball gun that requires little maintenance, then the Combat BT-4 is ideal for you. If on the other hand, you are interested in high performance machines, then you might want to take a look at the TM series and the BT DFender. No matter what your goal is, there is a BT paintball marker that will suit your needs as a milsim player.

DYE paintball

Since it’s founding in 1994, Dye precision Paintball has designed high-end products, with high performance as its top priority. They are known for their incomparable series of markers, masks, loaders and paintball clothing. Dye Paintball has a featured product in all categories of paintball equipment, such as the DM series guns (Dye Matrix), the I4 mask, the legendary Dye Rotor loader, as well as their Dye UL (Ultralight) clothing line. Dye paintball constantly pushes the boundaries of modern paintball technology. The paintball markers of the DM series have evolved greatly with nearly twenty years of perfection to its credit. Dye paintball continues to innovate their products and offer the paintball industry the best in paintball equipment.

Empire Paintball

Empire Paintball is one of the world’s leaders in the manufacture and distribution of paintball sports products. Dedicated to quality and craftsmanship, Empire Paintball represents the sport of paintball perfectly – Life, Function and Style. Supplying many professional and amateur paintball teams, their products can be seen on almost every paintball field. There is a good reason for this, Empire Paintball manufactures products that meet the needs of every player, no matter what their age or skill level is.

Luxe paintball guns

The DLX Luxe Paintball Marker has embarked on one mission to produce the most technologically advanced and luxurious paintball markers ever manufactured. Each DLX paintball marker is built on the strictest standards and technological advances to provide a unique marker.

Virtue paintball guns

Built around the Luxe X’s high-performance launch system with a whole new set of electronics to fully integrate the marker with the Spire IV hopper, the Virtue Ace offers you live Bluetooth programming to make instant changes directly on your mobile device or tablet without having to turn on your gun. If you want to take your game to the next level with one of the best paintball products in the industry, it’s the logical choice.

First strike paintball guns

The innovative First Strike T15 MagFed Paintball gun is perfect for any paintball players looking to achieve a true one-on-one AR rifle style without sacrificing field performance. The First Strike T15 is the first of its kind to offer a thin and realistic design while maintaining the ability to fire .68 caliber paintballs and full size First Strike cartridges. When it comes to eliminating enemies at long distances, players can really shine with the T15.

JT Splatmaster paintball guns

The JTSplatMaster is a low impact paintball gun that allows you and your friends to play paintball with less impact so that it doesn’t hurt to be hit like a regular paintball gun. Perfect for introducing the sport to kids.

Kingman Paintball guns

Kingman paintball became famous in the mid-1990s with the introduction of Spider, a reliable semi-automatic paintball gun that anyone can buy. Kingman Marker was famous for its simple design, ease of maintenance and cost performance.

SP Shocker AMP paintball guns

The Shocker AMP paintball gun comes in two versions, one that is electronic and one that is mechanical. Both electronic and classic versions feature the same bolt system and internals. The difference lies in the frame which can be swapped out in a matter of seconds transforming your marker from electronic to mechanical or vice versa.

Whether it is your first paintball experience or you are a regular paintball player, our team of technical advisors will guide you in the purchase of your marker so it fully meets your needs and fits your style. Do not hesitate to contact our team or come and visit us directly so we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for! Contact-us at 450-660-6687.

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