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Features and Benefits of the Impact warranty
Impact Proshop, when shopping online or in store, offers a guarantee that is unique in the paintball industry and it’s completely free. This guarantee is intended to support the customer after purchasing a product from our shop, for a period of one year. In addition, the Impact guarantee saves you waiting time on the guarantees offered directly by the manufacturers.

Terms, Coverage and conditions of the guarantee
The Impact warranty is available on the following selected products: Smart Parts, GOG, DLX  and all products of the Impact Division. The guarantee is valid for a period of one year, starting on the date of the purchase. The warranty is effective in store only, by the original owner of the product. The purchaser will be asked to provide the invoice and proof of identity. Before the product is covered by the warranty, a rigorous inspection will be carried out by one of our technicians, in order to validate that the failure or breakdown is really caused by a manufacturing defect. If the manufacturing defect or malfunction is covered, no labor costs or pieces will be charged to the client.

Manufacturer’s Warranty: Support for a Product that is not covered by the Impact Warranty
All products sold online and in-store are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. We invite you to consult the manufacturer’s website, in order to learn more about the policy, for the warranty offered on the product you have purchased. At Impact Proshop, online or in-store, we are committed to supporting you throughout the process of tracking your return to the supplier, during the warranty period of the products. This support is offered under the terms of the warranty offered by the manufacturers. In addition, it is offered only if the product was purchased through our online store or in-store and you are the first owner of this product. You can therefore contact our guarantee department for any questions or complaints.


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