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Airsoft guns

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Impact Proshop Canada’s Airsoft and Paintball gear shop.

Impact proshop has been in the business of selling and repairing airsoft guns and paintball guns for more than 30 years.

Our Shop is based in Mirabel Quebec on the Paintball Mirabel Paintball Field, one of Canada’s Finest paintball and airsoft centers.

We are always close to the action and our staff enrich itself with the feedback and experience of our airsoft guns users.

Combining great quality, reliability, variety and also the best prices is our mission. Consult our garanties and policies here.

You must be 18 years of age to buy an airsoft gun.

What’s an airsoft gun?

Airsoft guns are replica toy weapons used in airsoft sports. They are a special type of low-power air guns designed to fire non-metallic spherical projectiles often colloquially (but incorrectly) referred to as “BBs”, which are typically made of (but not limited to) plastic or biodegradable resin materials.

Airsoft gun powerplants are designed to have low muzzle energy ratings (generally less than 1.5 J, or 1.1 ft⋅lb). Pellets have significantly less penetrative and stopping powers than conventional airguns, and are generally safe for competitive sporting and recreational purposes if proper protective gear is worn.

Depending on the design mechanism for pellet propulsion, airsoft guns can be categorized into two groups: mechanical, which consists of a coil spring-loaded piston air pump that is either manually cocked (e.g. spring guns) or automatically cycled by a battery-powered electric motor gearbox (e.g. AEGs); and pneumatic, which operates by valve-controlled release of prefilled bottled gas such as compressed propane mixed with silicone oil (commonly known as “Green Gas”) or CO2 canisters (e.g. GBB guns).

What does an airsoft gun propels?


*All Airsoft weapons can propel small BB plastic ammo, six or eight millimeters in diameter out of the barrel, at speeds between 150 to 600 feet per second (fps).

The range of an airsoft pellet is ranging from 25 to 100 feet.

Biodegradable pellets are now available and are often used by outdoor fields because sweeping is not an option. Conventional BB’s pollute the environment, seeing as they are not biodegradable and have a mineral or petroleum center. In addition, they are coated with a plastic shell that is not biodegradable. Therefore, they will remain in the environment for several years if they are not collected.

Biodegradable projectiles are made of various types of resin, often developed for the agricultural industry. The best brands are certified and it is also indicated on the packaging. Most high-quality BB’s are available in a not biodegradable and biodegradable version, which usually costs a little more.

How Airsoft Guns Work

Airsoft rifles can be categorized into three types, according to their operating principle:

  • AEG (Automatic Electric Gun: Just like spring rifles, Airsoft automatic rifles use springs to generate force. You can find a wide range of strong to powerful springs. However, they do it without the need to manually arm it because they are supported by a battery.
  • SAG (Spring Airsoft Gun: the most basic type on the market.) As the name suggests, they use a spring to pull mechanical power. This means that the user must arm the gun after each shot is fired, much like a rifle with a lock.
  • GAG (Gas Airsoft Gun: mainly uses propane gaz as a propellant). This is commonly known as “green gas“, although some Airsoft guns use CO2 gas. These guns are either automatic or semi-Automatic and can fire several shots at a time, without manual arming or reloading. Airsoft guns fueled by CO2 gas generally fire at a higher FPS* than those fueled by green gas.

Before you shop your airsoft gun you should get familiar with the airsoft lingo :

What are the airsoft guns abbreviation I need to know before shopping ?

  • AEG | Automatic Electric Gun
  • SPA | Spring Airsoft Gun
  • HPA | High Pressure Airsoft Gun
  • GAG | Gas Airsoft Gun
  • GBB | Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun
  • GNB | Gas Non-Blowback Airsoft Gun
  • MAGFED | Magazine fed type

Discover a world of possibilities when it comes to buying an airsoft gun

Here are the renowned brand of airsoft brands we carry at Impact Proshop:

Airsoft Spring Gun

Airsoft spring guns are often cheaper than electric or gas. They are also accessible in most department stores. Due to their low price, availability and simplicity, spring rifles are ideal when starting in this sport as a new player. Nearly all airsoft players have already owned a spring gun, either for recreational use or for use in competitive events.

Some more experienced players still rely on an airsoft sniper rifle or an airsoft shotgun, as a primary weapon. That is because of their reliability, high power and precision, as well as the minimal amount of noise they make when firing. In addition, they are fairly easy to repair and modify.

Airsoft battery gun (AEG: Airsoft Electric gun)

These airsoft guns are powered, primarily by batteries containing nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), that have variable voltages and milli-ampere-hour notes. The battery most commonly used, is an 8.4V battery (between 2200 and 5000 mAh).

Generally, the higher the mAh capacity, the longer the battery will last. However, the higher the voltage, the higher the firing rate (RoF). However, lithium polymer (Li-Po) batteries are richer in energy and are becoming more and more popular in the world of airsoft because they last much longer.

Airsoft Gas Rifle (GBB: Gas Blow back)

The propulsion of BB ammunition, with the help of CO2 gas cartridges, is mainly used in airsoft guns where it is impossible to use a power supply due to size constraints. CO2 gas cartridges are also favored, when adjustable speeds are required for game scenarios.

A recall mechanism performs a sliding cycle, in order to better simulate the operation of a real firearm. Due to the mechanical complexities, involved in the distribution and regulation of CO2 gas, these rifles have given way to electric guns, for less specialized applications. In addition, this technology remains favorable among many airsoft players.

Players are not limited to pistols only; Machine guns, sniper rifles and assault rifles commonly use gas-based thrusters. While machine gun replicas typically feature a reverse action mechanism like a gun replicas, sniper rifle replicas on the other hand, usually exclude the feedback mechanism, in order to achieve a reduction in recoil and increase velocity at the barrel tip.

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Airsoft Handguns

Airsoft Handgun

Choose between a large selection of Airsoft handguns. Select the ideal secondary airsoft gun for your style of play. Pick between a selection of airsoft pistols from renowned brands: G&G Armament, KWA, Dan Wesson, Cybergun and WE Airsoft Guns.

Modern Airsoft Gun Replicas

airsoft guns modern replica

Select your next Airsoft gun today from Impact-Proshop! We offer a wide selection of modern guns replicas for your next game mainly in these three categories: GBB Gas Blowback, AEG Automatic Electronic Gun and HPA High Pressure Airsoft Gun.

Airsoft replica of historic weapons

airsoft ancient weapon replica

Find the exact replica of your favorite vintage riflefor your next Airsoft historical gameplay scenario! For all you history enthusiast we have the airsoft gear and airsoft gun you need.

Are airsoft guns legal to carry around?

In Canada and most countries, laws prohibiting identical replicas of a real weapon are enforced.

To counteract this law, manufacturers have added some slight modifications to the airsoft gun.

Some good examples are: Painting the tip of the cannon orange or fabricating the gun with a fully transparent carcass so it may be easily identified as a toy. The tip of an Airsoft gun is also different from those used by BB rifles, which shoot metal balls and are not designed to shoot a person even with safety goggles.

To avoid unnecessary problems with the police and passerby, who could confuse the rifle with a real weapon. You should try keep your airsoft gun concealed when you are not in airsoft playing grounds and when it is not concealed and you should make sure people can easily identify that it is a toy.


As a safety measure, many manufacturers suggest treating an Airsoft rifle as if it were a real one.

To minimize the risk of injury, wearing ballistic goggles on the playing field, is compulsory at all times. Sunglasses and safety goggles as well as eye glasses, are not approved against the impact of the plastic ammo at a high velocity.

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Where can i play Airsoft Games with my airsoft guns?

Playing airsoft Local Paintball Fields : The ideal playing field are paintball centers, they offer secure settings and elaborate playing fields with obstacles and realistic urban environment.

Playing airsoft on private Land : Playing on a private land is also a really good solution. You can layout your own personal playground without having to deal with passerbys.

Impact Proshop offers airsoft guns and uniforms that will allow you to complete your kit.

Airsoft equipment is used in military and law enforcement training because the equipment is realistic, the projectiles are safe and the ammunition is more affordable. Therefore, “Airsoft” is a mix of action and planned scenarios, perfectly suited to train our troops.

The equipment used during an airsoft game is essentially the same as that used by “Milsim” paintball players, with a few exceptions such as; the marker, the type of goggles used, ammunition and lastly, the firing rate of the BB’s (Plastic Pellets.)

The most recent rifles, especially those designed in Taiwan and China, include metal components internally and externally. A typical Airsoft gun is significantly lighter than a real firearm made of steel, due to the use of aluminum as the main manufacturing product. There are, however some models that include additional internal weight for increased realism. Other modifications are also available. For certain models, it is possible to attach a noise amplifier or a cannon muzzle break that can release smoke for added realism.