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Airsoft guns

Impact Proshop offers airsoft guns and uniforms that will allow you to complete your ensemble.

Airsoft equipment is used in military and law enforcement training because the equipment is realistic, the projectiles are safe and the ammunition is more affordable. Therefore, “Airsoft” is a mix of action and planned scenarios, perfectly suited to train our troops.

The equipment used during an airsoft game is essentially the same as that used by “Milsim” paintball players, with a few exceptions such as; the marker, the type of goggles used, ammunition and lastly, the firing rate of the BB’s (Plastic Pellets.)

Biodegradable pellets

Biodegradable pellets are now available and are often used by outdoor fields because sweeping is not an option. Conventional BB’s pollute the environment, seeing as they are not biodegradable and have a mineral or petroleum center.In addition, they are coated with a plastic shell that is not biodegradable. Therefore, they will remain in the environment for several years if they are not collected.

Biodegradable projectiles are made of various types of resin, often developed for the agricultural industry. The best brands are certified and it is also indicated on the packaging. Most high-quality BB’s are available a non-biodegradable and biodegradable version, which usually costs a little more.

Airsoft Spring Gun

Airsoft spring guns are often cheaper than electric or gas. They are also accessible in most department stores. Due to their low price, availability and simplicity, spring rifles are ideal when starting in this sport as a new player. Nearly all airsoft players have already owned a spring gun, either for recreational use or for use in competitive events.

Some more experienced players still rely on a sniper rifle or an airsoft shotgun, as a primary weapon. That is because of their reliability, high power and precision, as well as the minimal amount of noise they make when firing. In addition, they are fairly easy to repair and modify.

Airsoft battery gun (AEG: Airsoft Electric gun)

These airsoft guns are powered, primarily by batteries containing nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), that have variable voltages and milli-ampere-hour notes. The battery most commonly used, is an 8.4V battery (between 2200 and 5000 mAh). Generally, the higher the mAh capacity, the longer the battery will last. However, the higher the voltage, the higher the firing rate (RoF). However, lithium polymer (Li-Po) batteries are richer in energy and are becoming more and more popular in the world of airsoft because they last much longer.

Airsoft Gas Rifle (GBB: Gas Blow back)

The propulsion of BB ammunition, with the help of CO2 gas cartridges, is mainly used in airsoft guns where it is impossible to use a power supply due to size constraints. CO2 gas cartridges are also favored, when adjustable speeds are required for game scenarios.

A recall mechanism performs a sliding cycle, in order to better simulate the operation of a real firearm. Due to the mechanical complexities, involved in the distribution and regulation of CO2 gas, these rifles have given way to electric guns, for less specialized applications. In addition, this technology remains favorable among many airsoft players.

Players are not limited to pistols only; Machine guns, sniper rifles and assault rifles commonly use gas-based thrusters. While machine gun replicas typically feature a reverse action mechanism like a gun replicas, sniper rifle replicas on the other hand, usually exclude the feedback mechanism, in order to achieve a reduction in recoil and increase velocity at the barrel tip.

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