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Best selection of airsoft gear in canada!

Impact Proshop provides a large variety of airsoft gear and will improve it as time goes. It was only natural that we extend the diversity of our products from paintball to airsoft as our canadian community grows.

As one of Canada’s MVP in paintball community, Impact Proshop thrives to become the main reference airsoft store in Canada.

What’s in our Airsoft Gear Section?

Our gear goes from airsoft face masks to Condor military boots.

A lot of the tactical gear can crossover from paintball players to airsoft players. Check our Tactical gear section for shemaghs, army pants, Condor boots, gun holsters and modular pouches.

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A wide range of company make products that can be used in your perfect loadout for airsoft or other military-like simulations.

What is the most important part of a airsoft player’s gear?

Like in paintball, your vision and your comfort are key for a great airsoft day and are just as important as your weapon.
Having the right eyewear and footwear are the most important comfort defining parts of you gear.

Getting into airsoft on a budget?

Sure, you can play airsoft on a budget!
Our airsoft specialists will get you up to speed on the best packages and entry level products. Check out our airsoft kits. Consider our advice to get to play on the field quickly.

Why don’t airsoft players wear sneaker?

Sneakers are for the gym. If you play airsoft in a gymnasium near you, they are fine. Otherwise, just leave them at home.
If you want to come back from your airsoft game with an epic tale instead of a sprained ankle, a good pair of hiking boots will do much better.
Playing airsoft in nature is prompt to irregular surfaces. Military style boots and hiking boots are perfect for those type of terrains and to prevent hurting yourself.

Our store proposes a selection of army boots ideal for outdoors airsoft.

The perfect shop for your perfect airsoft gear loadout:

Airsoft Loadout

Share your airsoft gear setup on instagram #impactloadout and show us the ultimate airsoft equipment setup.

Find your complete airsoft loadout under the same roof.

What do you need to pay attention to when shopping for airsoft gear?

Quality, durability and reliability… definite
Playing airsoft is rough on the gear and we have pre-selected the best products to make your playing experience memorable and satisfying.
We tested our products through more than 15 years of selling the best products for our paintball players.
Playing outside out here is no joke. Based North of Montreal in Mirabel: Impact Proshop has had every known brand tested by players enjoying temperatures from -30 degrees to 35 degrees.

History of Airsoft

Airsoft is the most realistic simulation to a gunfight.
It is considered a sport and a popular combat simulation game, in which players are eliminated when they are hit by the plastic ammo, propelled by what we call an Airsoft gun.
Although these weapons may sound fierce, they are harmless when used with the appropriate accessories, safety equipment and common sense. Thus allowing the players to engage in the game safely, whether it be an individual one-on-one game or a multiple players match.

Before being initiated into this sport, it is important to have a good basic understanding of the types of Airsoft guns available, as well as their differences and how they work.

The origins of the sport

Airsoft appeared in the early 1980s in Japan. At the time, it was called “Soft-Air” because the ammo, made up of tiny plastic beads, was propelled with green gas. The use of Airsoft weapon replicas was then used, primarily for target shooting. Amateurs soon realized that the plastic ammo could hit humans, without causing any injuries. Therefore, this technology became popular for casual war games.
The Airsoft LS company entered the UK market in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The guns were then sold as parts and had to be assembled before a ball could be fired.
All hardware sold was designed as a replica of real weapons. However, since the mid-1980s, Airsoft rifles have been adapted purely for recreational purposes, to be practiced by people of all ages.
Nowadays, Airsoft guns are manufactured all over the world; however, Asia is most definitely the major producer in this industry. It is also, a much-appreciated training tool for law enforcement, in the United States.

Detailed documentary by Discovery channel on the making of Airsoft guns in Taiwan