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What gear do you need for paintball?

In the paintball world, three categories divide the sport. There is: Recball: Recreational Paintball, Milsim: Military Simulation and Speedball: Competition Paintball. Each style is different and so is the paintball gear used to play in each division.

It is possible to play paintball in jeans and t-shirts but would you go skiing dressed like that?

Players, who choose equipment specifically designed for their sport, will always have an advantage on the field. In our shop we have paintball equipment, for any style of paintball you practice.

Here’s a list of must have paintball equipment required to play:

To help you make an informed choice, here are the three different categories of paintball that can be practiced:

Recball: Recreational Paintball

“Recball” players are free to use any type of paintball gear because no regulations are established on this subject (unless there is an event and only a certain type of marker is allowed). You can dress in pink, fluorescent green or military clothing, as long as you are comfortable and have fun while playing, that’s what counts.

The equipment varies more according to the player than the style they play. If you want to be fully equipped with many different accessories, you can however, if you would rather have the essential equipment only and play lightweight, it is also possible.

“Recball” is a game style that can be played in many different ways and varies from player to player, it is important that the security rules are respected. If you feel like playing with a costume it is possible however, it is important to have our management staff validate that it respects the safety regulations of the center. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions on this subject.

Military Simulation: Milsim

This type of game style is played with equipment, which resembles that of the armed forces, in addition to scenarios that are played out like military missions. This adds the real life aspect to the game, making it much more exciting to play. To do so, they are asked to wear military clothing and equipment, offered by companies such as Tru-spec.

There are several different colors available in store for your gear so you can represent the army of your choice. In addition, we offer Ghillie camouflage suits for an even more realistic look and experience.

“Milsim” has many more regulations to follow than other game styles. For instance, you can’t dress and use any type of equipment that you choose. A specific character or type of player is assigned to you and you must dress and act accordingly, in order to offer a more lifelike experience to all the players participating.


Speedball is the competitive category in paintball. As in any competitive sport, the equipment used can make a big difference and impact your performance during a game.

The style of clothing doesn’t matter however, it is important to verify the color, as certain colors are prohibited, in order to avoid confusion with the paint splashes, depending on the color of the interior fill of the paintballs used for that event.

From your marker to your pants, “Speedball” equipment is without a doubt top of the line and offers outstanding performance.

Since 2004, we have been the leaders for everything paintball in Canada and have won the confidence of many types of players looking for top of the line equipment. Whether you’re a new player looking for your first paintball marker or an experienced player looking for high performance equipment, we’re sure we have what you’re looking for!

For more information about paintball gear, please contact us, it will be our pleasure to help you find what you need!