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Importance of a paintball mask

The paintball mask is unequivocally the most important piece of your equipment, as it is designed to protect your face from possible injury. Not only does it protect your face, it can also help you increase your performance and your vision on the field, thanks to the different coloured lenses, adapted for different situations. In addition, they are for the most part easily interchangeable.

When people started playing paintball several years ago, masks did not exist. In the absence of alternatives, players put their eyes at risk by using protective goggles instead.

The paintball industry has evolved greatly since then. Several companies have developed a different range of masks offering comfort, style, and above all, safety. The paintball mask that we see today offers optimum protection for the eyes, mouth, face and ears, to the point that wearing it has become mandatory at all times on the playing fields. Each paintball mask on sale at Impact Proshop is approved and certified for paintball. When purchasing this key piece of equipment, you might want to ask our expert consultants on site to try a few masks on, when starting your search for the one that fits your needs best.

With more than 50 different models of paintball masks in our shop, there is bound to be one that is perfect for you. Why choose one mask more than another and are they just as safe?

In fact, it would be wrong to say that all masks do not offer the same type of protection. However, as you will be wearing it for long periods of active activity and we live in the varying climates of Quebec, some masks will adapt to your needs much better, by providing you with more comfort than others.

For example, if you wear glasses, you will be more satisfied with a model that has a wider lens, allowing you to play while wearing your glasses.

On the other hand, if you are someone who sweats a lot, you will be even more satisfied with a model prioritizing the aeration and evacuation of moisture. Thus, allowing you to play without having your mask become completely covered by fog.

Improve your gaming experience, by purchasing a paintball mask and lens that are adapted to your needs. We have a large inventory at your disposal, to ensure that you find the model that suits you best.

The best value for your money: Guaranteed!

Some will look for the best value for their money, for others it will be a question of style and finally, some will want a practical product adapted to their needs. Throughout this article, we will explain the differences between several products, in order to help you make the best choice.

Here are some suggestions we have picked out from the full range of masks we offer:

vforce armor

Vforce Armor

The Vforce Armor is an excellent mask, when starting to play paintball. Its rigid frame will provide you with optimal protection and its lightweight anti-scratch lens will allow you to position yourself in the middle of the action, without losing a moment of the game.

  • Rigid shell
  • Maximum protection
  • Lightweight anti-scratch lens
jt flex 8 paintball mask

JT Flex 8

The JT Flex 8 has proven itself for many years now. Its practical design is the reason this model has not changed since its introduction on the market in 1997. All JT lenses, available at impact pro-shop, are compatible with this model. A version covering the entirety of the wearer’s head is also available.

  • Timeless design
  • Compatibility with spectra lenses
  • Model with complete head protection available
jt proflex paintball mask

JT Proflex

The JT Proflex is unequivocally a legend in the paintball industry. Available in several colors, it is the easiest mask to customize. You can change its flexible bottom, its lens, its ear protectors and its elastic head strap so that it is custom to your style. In addition, you will have no trouble playing with glasses when wearing this mask because as the name indicates, it is flexible and simply adjusts to the shape of your head.

  • Very comfortable flexible bottom (Protects the mouth and chin)
  • Easiest mask on the market to customize
  • Removable bottom, allowing you to use the goggles with a mesh bottom instead

Speedball or Recball: A question of style!

The high-end paintball mask at impact Proshop! Good quality masks are not an obligation when starting to play paintball however; they are not a luxury either! Comfort and safety when on the field, make a tremendous difference on your experience and mostly, it is definitely not a piece of equipment you want to neglect.

As you are able to try our masks on before your purchase, take the time to choose a style that suits you and fits your needs. You will not be comfortable in all masks therefore, when you try on a paintball mask:

  • Adjust the back strap so that the mask fits snugly against your face, but not too tight
  • Shake your head from side to side and up and down to make sure it does not slip or fall off
  • If it is too tight for you or is uncomfortable, consider trying another model, after all you will be wearing it for long periods at a time

Here are the features that differentiate the most popular high-end masks:

Vforce grill paintball mask

Vforce Grill

A must, the Vforce Grill is simply an excellent mask. Many experienced players try this mask on once and never use any other from then on. In addition to its “biomechanical” style, a wide range of colors, patterns and lenses, this mask offers a sense of security that allows you to be on the front line, in the action without hesitation. The semi-rigid semi-rubber combination of it is the reason it is comfortable and pleasant to wear.

  • Aggressive and futuristic look
  • Comfortable manufacturing equipment
  • A style that accommodates all tastes
Virtue VIO paintball mask

Virtue Vio

Still recent in the world of paintball (introduced on the market in 2014), the Virtue Vio is one of the most comfortable masks made to date. You must wear it to understand! Many different colors are available for this model. Moreover, changing the lens on this mask is very quick and simple, allowing you to alternate easily when your playing environment or luminosity varies.

  • Extremely comfortable foam lining on the interior of the mask
  • Quick and simple when it comes to changing lenses
  • Available in several colors
Dye I4

Dye I4

A leader in the paintball industry, the i4 mask made by DYE Paintball only gets positive feedback. Its sleek features make you less accessible to other players. The shape of its lens gives you a wider vision and also allows you to stay in the action, no matter what your angle of approach is. They are available in several colors and designs to satisfy you and compliment your style. The profile of this mask can make you feel a bit vulnerable, especially at the blow level since it is so sleek, however it does not protect you less than any other mask. Be sure to take the time to try it on before you make your purchase.

  • Futuristic and sleek look
  • Wide view of the game
  • Many different lenses and patterns available
Empire EVS paintball mask

Empire Evs

Recognized for making high-quality masks, Empire has introduced the Evs and it is no exception to their high standards and its ferocious look will leave no one indifferent. Its name (EVS), is an acronym for “empire vision system” as it is the first smart mask on the market to offer an integrated technology module, with a screen that can be inserted inside. Thus, allowing you to access A GPS as well as, important information such as the real-time positioning of your teammates and the status of your marker such as its optical sensors, firing rate, velocity, battery level and number of shots made.

  • Futuristic and aggressive look
  • Real-time marker connectivity (with HUD recon module)
  • Internal Gps screen to stay in touch with teammates (with HUD recon)
Paintball mask mesh grill

Mesh Grill: To be as free as the air!

Mesh Grill mask bottoms have been gaining popularity in recent years, not only because of their aggressive look but also because they allow you to breathe better than in a traditional mask. However, the mesh must be attached to a compatible set of goggles, such as the JT Lens Frame or any other approved product. It is important to have your mesh grill approved by one of our experts on spot, to ensure your safety otherwise, you will be prohibited from wearing it.

So if they are all safe, which one do you choose? That all depends on you! The important thing is to choose a mask you will be comfortable wearing, and also answers all your criteria when it comes to vision and being able to breathe comfortably while in movement. In order to make a wise choice, come and meet one of our experts, they will advise you so that you leave with the right model, adapted to your needs.

Paintball lens

A paintball lens is what protects your eyes from the impact of a paintball propelled by a marker. These lenses are designed to resist the impact of paintballs that can travel up to 300 fps. It is for this reason that the referees check the velocity that your gun shoots, so that you do not exceed 300 fps.

Thermal lenses and different colored lenses, does it change anything?

The different lens colors as well as the thermal lenses will have an impact on your performance in a game. The colors all have properties of their own. Take, for example, the black tinted lenses; everyone understands the necessity of these on a sunny day. Moreover, the yellow lenses definitely help increase your visibility when the brightness is reduced!

Most entry-level paintball masks, while offering the same protection as a thermal lens, come with a basic lens. The difference between the two is: When it comes to the anti-fog aspect of the lens, the thermal lenses have been designed with a double layer to reduce the fog, created by the breathing of the player, as well as the ambient humidity. Fog may be problematic and can impede on your performance due to reduced visibility, caused by condensation inside the mask. Under no circumstances should you remove your mask in the case of it fogging up. You should however, drop a knee on the floor and ask the referee to escort you to the nearest neutral zone.

It is necessary to maintain the inner of layer your paintball mask lens because it is more susceptible to scratches. Contrary to the outer lens that is covered with an anti-scratch coating, helping protect it, the inner layer does not come with the same protection. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you always use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the inner lens carefully when it needs to be cleaned. You can also spray water (without submerging the lens completely in water), then wipe it off. Do not allow water to dry inside the lens because this will leave stains between both lenses that will ruin it completely.

Not all paintball masks require thermal lenses to prevent fogging. Vforce masks are sold with only one lens and because of the design of its goggle system and anti-fog coating used on the lens, most players find that these goggles simply do not fog up as compared to many other models.

Fans for your paintball mask

Fans made to add ventilation to your paintball mask, for example the Vortex Fan for the JT models, offer an extra boost in the battle against fog. In fact, when using a fan, you win the battle because your mask will not fog up at all.

A mask fan is more useful for players who wear glasses. If you use a thermal lens, your lens will probably not be fogged, but your glasses probably will. A ventilator will keep both your lens as well as your glasses, free of fog.

Lens Care and Replacement

When cleaning your lens, use water and only water, that’s all you’ll need. Do not leave paint on your lens when storing your mask at the end of your day. The paint will slowly degrade your lens and leave traces that can not be removed.

If you get hit in the lens during a game, it is strongly recommended to thoroughly clean all paint from the area between the lens and the frame of the goggle. The paint gets trapped in this place and will deteriorate your lens over time.

A lens with a lot of scratches or any sign of cracking, needs to be replaced, after all, it is your eyes that you protect. Most manufacturers recommend replacing your lens at least once a year.

On a final note, question of safety, do not forget that a paintball marker is not a toy. Please, make sure your entourage, as well as yourself always wear a mask while handling a paintball marker. The paintballs can bounce and may change directions.

Play often, play all the time, but always play safe!