Regulations for members of Paintball Mirabel

Paintball Mirabel members are obliged to follow the rules and regulations established by Paintball Mirabel.

  1. Equipment

1.1. Markers/ Paintball Guns

1.1.1. During days reserved for members or events, unless being advised otherwise by Paintball Mirabel’s staff, there are no restrictions on the firing mode used. The maximum amount of paintballs per second allowed as a setting on your marker is 15 BPS.

1.1.2. When playing in an organized group with participants who are new to the sport and have no experience or are using equipment rented by Paintball Mirabel, the firing modes will be determined by the organizer of the group.

1.1.3. At all times, the maximum velocity accepted for all types of markers/ handguns is 280 feet per second. (FPS)

1.1.4. Only markers approved by Paintball Mirabel will be accepted on our fields. No markers that have been modified or built at home will be accepted on our fields.

1.1.5. Only barrel plugs equipped with a strap are authorized as safety caps. They must automatically be put on your markers’ barrel as soon as the game ends and you are near the neutral zones.

1.2. Masks

1.2.1. The masks used by participants, staff or spectators on Paintball Mirabel’s Fields must be made for paintball (Paintball Brands with the ASTM approval) and must be approved by our management staff

1.2.2. The masks used by participants must stay in their original state. That being said; No modifications can be brought to the mask.

1.2.3. Wearing a mask on the playing fields and in the shooting range is required at all times.

1.3. Air Tanks

1.3.1. All the air tanks (Co2 and Nitro) must be approved by the rules and regulation of Transport Canada. (T.C)

1.3.2. All the air tanks (Co2 and Nitro) must respect the suggested usage time given by Transport Canada and the insurance company that covers Paintball Mirabel. The suggested usage time is said to be five years after the fabrication date. (One of our technicians in our Impact Proshop can show you where the information is found on your air tank).

1.3.3. The state of your air tank (Co2 and Nitro) must be approved by our management’s visual tests.

1.4. Alternative Accessories

1.4.1. Only smoke bombs bought or sold by Paintball Mirabel or Impact Proshop, are approved on our playing fields.

1.4.2. Only paint grenades sold by Paintball Mirabel are accepted on our playing fields.

1.4.3. Bazookas, mines and all other accessories must be approved by Paintball Mirabel’s management staff before use on our fields.

1.4.4. All lasers must be used correctly, meaning that it is forbidden to point the laser in the eyes of the participants. If this rule is violated, Paintball Mirabel automatically reserves the tight to revoke the participant’s membership immediately, without refund.

1.5. Paintballs

1.5.1. Only the paintballs with Paintball Mirabel’s exclusive color and protected labels, sold by Paintball Mirabel, will be accepted on our playing fields. In the event that this rule is not respected, the participant at fault will have his/ her membership revoked and will be asked to leave the field immediately without any refund.

1.5.2. The color of the paintballs sold by Paintball Mirabel is subject to change at any time. Members are informed of this change through an e-mail message and posts on our bulletin boards at Paintball Mirabel and social media pages as well as our website.

1.5.3. A Paintball Mirabel member is entitled to share his paintballs with other members of the centre only. If a member is caught distributing his / her paintballs to a non-member, his/her membership revoked and will be asked to leave the field for the day without any refund.

  1. Membership

2.1. Members are required to present their membership card every time they come to Paintball Mirabel for a day of paintball or scheduled event, in order to benefit from the advantages their membership offers.

2.2. An annual member is allowed to a 30 day extension, following the expiry date of his or her subscription, to renew their membership. When renewing his/her membership before the indicated expiration date, an annual member keeps their file active and must accumulate two consecutive years, after the initial purchase of the membership, in order to obtain the status of a “Platinum” subscription. The advantage of the platinum membership is that there is no annual renewal fee.

2.3. A member wishing to have his membership card reprinted for any reason (lost, stolen or damaged card, etc.) will have to pay $ 10 plus tax for reprogramming and reprinting the card.

2.4. It is the responsibility of each member to retrieve his/her membership card at the registration desk following the end of each event. A member who does not pick up his card at the end of the day will have to pay $ 10 plus taxes have a new card printed out.

  1. Ethics

3.1. Each member who is mixed into a group of non-members must respect the organizer’s request for certain rules to be applied to the game. (ex: firing mode, shooting mode, playing with ‘’Freeze’’ and game style ect.)

3.2. It is the duty of a member to set an example for other customers, during his visit at Paintball Mirabel, in accordance with the rules established by our management staff.

3.3. Participants under the advanced influence of alcohol will be asked to leave the field immediately without any refund.

3.4. Participants who consume and / or sell drugs on site at Paintball Mirabel will be asked to leave the field immediately without any refund.

  1. Safety

4.1. Playing with the « freeze » option is obligatory.

4.2. « Overshooting » is prohibited at all times. The term « Overshooting » means, a participant has shot more than three paintballs at another participant who has already been eliminated.

4.3. Barrel plugs are mandatory on Paintball markers and handguns, when the games have ended and the participant enters the neutral zone or parking area.

4.4. Wearing a mask on our fields and the shooting range is mandatory at all times.

4.5. It is the responsibility of a Paintball Mirabel member, to set an example for all customers. In no case shall aggression or any behavior, seen as unacceptable by the management of Paintball Mirabel, be tolerated.

4.6. It is the responsibility of a Paintball Mirabel member to use his equipment and that of the centre adequately and safely.

4.7. All the rules and regulations in section four: Security, that are not respected, will lead to an immediate expulsion from Paintball Mirabel’s Center and annulment of the membership card without a refund.

  1. Minors

5.1. In order for a member of Paintball Mirabel, under the age of 18 to have access to a membership, he must provide a letter of parental authorization, signed by a legal guardian. This authorization will be kept in our files with the member’s contract and will serve as proof of parental authorization, until he turns 18 years old, for each visit to our centre as long as he is a member.

5.2. A non-member under the age of 18, invited by a member of Paintball Mirabel, must present a valid parental authorization at the registration desk.

5.3. The minimum age required to be able to participate in a day of Paintball at Paintball Mirabel is 10 years old with a parent or legal guardian present on the field with the participant.

  1. A day of Paintball

6.1. When visiting Paintball Mirabel for a day of fun, it is compulsory to register at one of our registration counters. Our customer service representatives will give you a bracelet serving as an access pass, thus allowing you to circulate on the fields during the day.

6.2. To attend Paintball Mirabel for an adrenaline packed experience, it is preferable to contact our sales representatives at least 24 hours in advance, to inquire about the time the groups of members will be arriving.

6.3. When a member is joining a group of non-members for a day of paintball, they must arrive at the same time as the rest of the group. The arrival time will be determined by the organizer of the group.

Each member of Paintball Mirabel must respect all the rules and regulations mentioned above. In the event that one or more rules are violated, the concerned member will have their membership revoked and no refund will be possible.