Enola Gaye colorfull grenades

Enola Gaye colorfull grenades, an accessory that will lead you to victory in style! Since March 2015, we keep in stock the smoke grenades from Enola Gaye . Having myself participated in the event Menage du Printemps at Paintball Mirabel , I had the chance to use the two models of smoke in action on … Continue reading “Enola Gaye colorfull grenades”

Milsim: Must-Have Accessories

For those who have no idea what Milsim is, it is the recreational practice of combat scenarios, with a reproduction that is as realistic as it gets. In other words, a re-enactment, where all players must personify a specific role within the team. For the North American players, the season start once the snow melts, … Continue reading “Milsim: Must-Have Accessories”

ETEK 5: Powerful and reliable paintball gun at an affordable price

New in 2015: The ETEK 5 from Planet Eclipse is a mid-range paintball marker reflecting performance and reliability at an affordable price. This year, Eclipse hits us again with a new very accessible product that offers you so much for every dollar you invest in your day to day paintball games. This new ergonomic paintball … Continue reading “ETEK 5: Powerful and reliable paintball gun at an affordable price”