tippmann cronus tactical olive

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The Cronus Tactical olive paintball gun is one of Tippmann’s entry level models. It retakes the same mecanism as the majority of their markers, but in a much lighter body than its relative, the 98 Custom. The Tactical version should attract all M4 fans with its collapsible stock and carry handle. The suppressor and the tactical foregrip also have their appeal and utility !

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Get your first paintball gun

The Tippmann Cronus was built with what a first time or beginner paintball player would like to get their hands on for their first paintball gun! The Cronus was built to be reliable and high performing while having the included accessories to give it a tactical/milsim look right out of the box so that the player doesn’t have to feel that he just grabbed the gun off from a big box store. The Cronus uses an inline bolt system that has been proven to be one of the most reliable bolt firing mechanism to date that will work in any weather condition and requires little maintenance to keep it performing just like new. The high performance ported barrel will keep your shots quieter then other guns while making the shots accurate. The 6 position collapsible stock accommodates players with different arm lengths and an area where the recoil of the gun can be transferred into your shoulder, this means taking rapid fire shots won’t make the gun jump around so you can keep a steady stream of paintballs on target! Grab the Cronus and get playing paintball without the guilty or shy feeling when you select your first paintball gun!


  • Beginner paintball gun that is out of the box tactical and milsim for that intimidating look
  • Four picatinny rails on the body of the gun allows for additional tactical attachments to be installed like red dots, flashlights, scopes and different foregrips
  • In-Line bolt system is Tippmann’s patented and legendary firing mechanism that has been proven to work in any condition and requires a little maintenance to keep it working
  • Six position collapsible stock helps change the length of the gun to accommodate different players while having a place to transfer the recoil of the gun to your body for accurate shooting
  • High-performance ported barrel helps keep your shots quieter while allowing players to take accurate shots on the target
  • Internal Gasline keeps the gun mobile and compact so you don’t have to worry about getting snagged in the bushes when you are running for the objective
  • High-impact composite body keeps the gun sturdy and strong while being lightweight that doesn’t make you feel like your dragging a tank on the field
  • Black and Tan gives it the tactical professional look you want without you needing to bust out the spray cans


  • Caliber: 68
  • Power: Pneumatic
  • Air: Co2 or HPA compatible
  • Trigger/Firing modes: Mechanical Semi-Automatic
  • Effective Range: 150+ Feet
  • Action: Blow Back Semi-Automatic
  • Firing Rate: 8 Balls per Second (BPS)
  • Barrel Length: 9 Inches
  • Tactical Rails: Weaver / Picatinny

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