Paintball Masks Quality, fashion or comfort

The paintball mask is without a doubt the most important piece of your paintball equipment. It not only protects your face but it also help increase performance and vision of the field through various shades and colors of Lens adapted to the situations and for the most part, easily interchangeable.

When it come to the purchase of this important asset of your paintball gear, ask our experts to try a few masks start your search of THE ONE with the necessary comfort.

Some will seek the best price-quality ratio while others will look for style. There are also those that will want a practical product adapted to their needs. Through this article, we will explain the difference between several products in the aim to help you make the best choice.

Best price/quality ratio:  : That’s it!

A complete range of masks at low prices is available at Impact Proshop, all with industry standard quality and security for your protection.

masque de paintball VForce Armor

Vforce Armor

The Vforce Armor is an excellent mask for your first step in the Paintball world. Its hard shell will ensure you an optimal protection while its light anti-fog and anti-scratch lens will allow you to position yourself in the middle of the action without losing sight for a moment.

  • Hard shell
  • Maximum protection
  • Low anti-fog and anti-scratch lens

masque de paintball JT 8 Flex complet

JT Flex 8

JT Flex has proven its worth for many years now. Its efficient design is the main reason that this model has not changed since its introduction on the market in 1997. All JT lenses available at impact are compatible with this model. A full face version of the model covering your entire head is also available.

  • Timeless look design
  • Compatibility with Spectra lens
  • Full face model available

masque de paintball proflex JT

JT Proflex

The JT Proflex is a legend in the paintball mask history. Available in several variant colors, it’s the most customizable of all as you can change the lens, the ear protectors and the elastic strap to suit your liking. In addition, you’ll have no trouble to play with glasses under this mask because, as its name indicates, this model is very flexible and adjusts easily to the shape of your head.

  • Bottom mask mouth cover flexible and really comfortable
  • The most customizable of all
  • Mask bottom is removable to use the lens as goggles or with a mesh

Speedball or recball : question of style!

The top range paintball mask at impact Proshop! A masks of this quality is not a requirement when you start playing paintball but they do not represent a big luxury either. Comfort on the field makes a huge difference on your experience and these are the badass category you’ll want to wear all day!

masque de paintball VForce Grill

Vforce Grill

An inescapable, the Vforce Grill is simply an excellent mask. A lot of players of experience adopted and swear only by this model. In addition to its ‘Biomechanics’ style, a wide range of colors, paterns, and lens style, this mask provides a sense of security that allows to jump in the action without hesitation. A well organised combination of semi-rigid and semi-Rubber shells make it is very comfortable and pleasant to wear.

  • Aggressive and futuristic look
  • Highly comfortable fabrication material
  • Design available for every taste

masque de paintball Virtue Vio

Virtue Vio

Yet recent in the world of Paintball (introduction in 2014), the Virtue Vio is the one of the most comfortable mask available to this day, you have to wear it to understand! A lot of different colors are available for this model. Changing the lenses of this mask is very simple and it’s also really fast, allowing you to toggle between games if there’s any change in the environment when the brightness varies.

  • Ultra-comfortable foam
  • Fast an easy lens changing
  • Available in lot of color

masque de paintball Dye i4

Dye i4

Leader in the industry of the paintball, the model DYE i4 is a mask with a reputation. Its sharp looks and profile allow you to be tighter in your game, making you less accessible to the other player’s paintballs. The form of its lens gives you a wider vision than most masks and at the same time allows you to stay focused on the action regardless of your angle of approach. They are available in several variants to satisfy you and adapt to the many design and different colors. The profile of this mask can make you feel a bit vulnerable, especially at the level of the neck so it’s important to not neglect trying it on before making your purchase.

  • Futuristic and tighter design
  • Wide vision of the field
  • Lots of different lens and mask style

masque de paintball Empire EVS

Empire Evs

Empire is well known for the manufacture of high quality paintball masks, the Empire Evs is no exception. Its look seems to come straight out of hell! Its name (EVS), is an acronym of ‘ empire vision which is the first to offer a technological module with a screen to give you access to a GPS as well as several useful information such as the positioning in real time of your teammates and the status of your marker such as its optical sensors status, its rate of fire, its velocity, level of the battery and the number of paintballs fired. It will be the first smart paintball mask on the market. Note that the module come as an option to your mask so you will need to spend a little bit more if you want it.

  • Aggressive and futuristic look
  • Real time connectivity to your marker (with Recon HUD module))
  • Gps tracker and ally field locator (with Recon HUD module)

masque de paintball mesh

Mesh grill:  : More air, less fog

Introduced in the universe of the paintball and airsoft by Milsims players, the mesh grill have earned in popularity over the past few years not just because of their aggressive look but also because they allow you to breathe better than in a traditional mask. However the mesh must be attached to an adequate goggle like the JT Lens frame or any other approved product. It is important to approve your grill with one of our experts in place in order to ensure your safety and to avoid penalty or restriction to wear it. Your safety is a priority. Then if it gets approved for safety, you are free to play on our fields with your mesh!

So, still asking yourself which one to choose? The answer is up to you, the important is to opt for a mask in which you will be comfortable with both its vision and the respiration. In order to make a judicious choice, come at the store and meet one of our experts in paintball equipment, they will be able to advise you and make sure you leave with the good model, the one adapted to your needs.

masque de paintball plan