MIRABEL ARMY – A gift for true paintball fans


In 1993, a few friends got together and built a paintball field in Mirabel.

They got their paintball markers, gathered a few friends, and shot each other all day long.

Their love for the sport attracted people from all over the world.

Paintball Mirabel is now recognized as one of the largest, and most complete Paintball Centres in North America with over 30 fields to play on.

With thousands of members and dedicated players, our centre never sleeps.

In 2020, for a fourth season, we wanted to do something special for the player who are already member of our Paintball center.

Something that would ignite the paintballer inside each and every one of you.

We came up with, the Mirabel Army…

Why would you want to join the Mirabel Army? Well, it’s simple.

Each member of the Mirabel Army will get their very own paintball jersey with our army colours.

But this year we wanted to go BIGGER!

We wanted to push the envelope and bring the best experience ever to those part of the Mirabel Army.

In 2020, our Army will meet up at Paintball Mirabel, and we will be taking them all on exclusive PAINTBALL TRIPS outside of our center.

That’s right…

We will be taking you on a paintball vacation where you will get to play alongside other members of the Mirabel Army on fields you’ve never played before!

This winter we’re getting ready for the 2020 season and we have some BIG CHANGES headed your way.

Be a part of Paintball Mirabel history and join the Mirabel Army.

We’ll see you on the field soldier…


The Paintball Mirabel team


  • Mirabel Army personnalized Playing Jersey
  • 1 x Mirabel Army personnalized T-shirt
  • Acces to the Tippmann Challenge Commando Paintball Road trip in june 2020 *No paintball’s are included in the package
  • One private game at the end of the year
  • One patch of Mirabel Army
  • 10 free entrances for you or your guests for 2020 season

Book now !

Contact one of our sales rep : 450-660-6687

Be part of the history now !

End of registration : April 1st

* Are you already a Mirabel Army? Take the next level by joining Mirabel Army Élite!