ETEK 5: Powerful and reliable paintball gun at an affordable price

New in 2015: The ETEK 5 from Planet Eclipse is a mid-range paintball marker reflecting performance and reliability at an affordable price.

This year, Eclipse hits us again with a new very accessible product that offers you so much for every dollar you invest in your day to day paintball games. This new ergonomic paintball marker is light and has a high rate of fire. The ETEK 5 offers the same architecture and engineering that the epic EGO LV1 did. For the first time in the history of speedball type of markers, the ETEK 5 allows you to plug an electronic board from ETEK without having to use adapters and without the need to make a major upgrade. With its look, you would surely think it is a marker made for speedball players only, but think again, since its release, many of our recball and woodsball customers have purchased the ETEK 5 for all features mentioned but also for what characterizes the Eclipse company: ease of maintenance of their markers. If you purchase a new marker this year or plan to renew your marker for the season, it’s definitely an option worth considering.

Find the best ETEK 5 paintball marker for you near Montreal.