Enola Gaye colorfull grenades

smoke grenade paintball

Enola Gaye colorfull grenades, an accessory that will lead you to victory in style!

Since March 2015, we keep in stock the smoke grenades from Enola Gaye . Having myself participated in the event Menage du Printemps at Paintball Mirabel , I had the chance to use the two models of smoke in action on the field: Wire Pull and EG18 . The two smoke grenades are initiated with a small metal cable integrated in the product and produce colored smoke in astonishing amount for a period of about 100 seconds . The difference between the two grenades is the volume of smoke that emerges once the grenade is lit. I was surprised by the large difference in visibility on the field and how we could use the smoke strategically in game situation to succeed certain mission objectives. Several color choices are available in store and believe me, by a relatively humid day, a smoke grenade is an asset that can make the difference for your team!

 Samuel Gauthier - Advisor and Technician at Impact Proshop