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This product is meant for Airsoft use only.

The RK-74-T is a tactical replica of the AK-74. The AK-74 is developed to replace the AKM, a refined version of the AK-47. The AK-74 is still resistant against water and sand than its predecessors. It is very easy to maintain and use, making the AK-74 the assault rifle the most widepsread.

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  • Black
  • Full metal body, polymer accessories
  • Hybrid front rail (picatinny and keymod), ergonomic pistol grip and sound amplifier
  • Semi-auto and full automatic
  • 115 rounds midcap magazine
  • Includes a magazine, barrel cleaning rod, instruction manual
  • 463mm inner barrel
  • Gen 3 metal gearbox, 8mm bearings, metal piston teeth
  • Metal hop-up
  • Front wired, integrated MOSFET and electronic trigger
  • 350-370 FPS (.20g)

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